i need CVS package

hi .

my username is gokce on yunix.net ...
i have an eggdrop running and its eggdrop1.8 CVS
(this is a devel version of eggdrop .it has SSL and ipv6 support and very stable i like it)

the problem is : eggdrop developers update their sources day by day,
so i want to get these updates for my bot.
but without CVS package ,i should re-download their daily CVS snapshot tar ball
and have to re-do everythings again and again.its a boring process..

so i would like to make a request "can you install that CVS package in the box please ? "
b-cus its much more easier to get updates with "cvs update *" command on screen ..
(for info : http://www.eggheads.org/devel/ )

thank you... my best regards ...

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I've installed the cvs package, see how you go.

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yep Onlyodin ,i just updated my eggdrop1.8 CVS with this .Thanks a lot :)