Disk quota decreasing ?

Hi .
my username is gokce on us.yunix.net ,
i've an issue in last couple of days on my account.
it seems like disk quota decreasing day by day.

-> https://i.imgur.com/fGzJ0Pp.png

I can able to use 15M only now...
and it doesn't even let me get a backup my files there.

I don't know whats happening ,
but its seems like somethings goes wrong on there.


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good morning

disk space was 15M yesterday, but its down to 7.4M
today. -> https://i.imgur.com/cuwgIYn.png
as i said ,its getting down day by day and i realy don't understand,
whats happening .
I've checked hidden files ,i thought maybe a hidden file
getting bigger and bigger everyday
and eating my disk quota but nope.

I've deleted whole my public_html directory ,because ,
i've an eggdrop running and i assume i should kill and delete that too.
Theres no enough space left for this.
need your help because i couldn't figure out whats goin on there.

best regards.

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hi .
the issue , still geting worse day by day.
it couldn't even write bash_history cause no space left.
each day I have to delete somethings inside of my eggdrop.
i can able to use less than 4MB. into my account now.

its like somethings eating up my account's quota there.
and i am out of idea whats going on.
and i'm still waiting for your help sir.


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looks like issue has been fixed.
Thank you!

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There's no quota, it's just that some users don't clean up their home drives, and everyone else suffers.

I cleaned out some of the crap and increased the space available to /home.