Welcome to yunix.net!

Yunix (pronounced [yoo-niks]) aims to be a shell host offering accounts to those in need.

Potential uses for this service include:

  • diagnostics
  • code development
  • code compiling
  • web development
  • personal web hosting

As you may or may not be aware, a host has recently been brought online, and account requests are ready to be received. For more information have a look at the What is it? page, or register for an account. Keep in mind that when you are registering for an account, you need to use a valid email address, and that address needs to remain valid, otherwise your accout will be deleted.

Yunix is not a fee for service platform, but it costs roughly $10 per user per year to run Yunix. This means the service relies on donations and advertising to stay online. If you truly want to help out, disable any ad-blockers for yunix.net and consider donating. To help KEEP the host online, you can donate via PayPal. If you are intending to run continuous processes like a bnc or bot, you should seriously consider donating. Anyone who donates will be favoured over those who do not.

Stay tuned to the yunix.net website for updates and more information!