Terms Of Service / Acceptable Usage Policy

Before signing up for a shell account at yunix.net, you must first READ and AGREE to the Terms Of Service and the Acceptable Usage Policy below.

Terms of Service

By signing up for an account and agreeing to the TOS and AUP, you agree that you do not hold yunix.net or any of its suppliers, partners or sponsors responsible for any of the damages that may arise from your use of these services. This includes ANY AND ALL forms of loss, including Loss from data, monetary loss, etc.

You agree to follow all laws and to be bound by all laws of the United States of America when using this service.

You agree that all data whether stored on disk, passing through yunix's network, or any other form can be accessed by the administration of yunix.net

You agree to follow the Acceptable Usage Policy for yunix.net, which is described below and is subject to change at any time and without warning, and you also agree that termination of your account can occur at any time, for any reason, without warning.

You agree that yunix.net may from time to time send you email advertising, and that you will maintain an active email address in order to retain your membership at yunix.net. If you change your email address to a yunix account your shell account will be terminated.

You agree that inactive accounts will be deleted. If you have not logged in to the website your account may be deleted, and if this happens your shell account will also be deleted.

You acknowledge and agree that these Terms of Service may change at any time, for any reason, without warning.

Acceptable Usage Policy

Users with excessive background processes or a sustained excessive usage of resources will be warned and have their processes terminated. If the behaviour continues the account may be suspended or terminated. Unless specified otherwise, an acceptable number of background processes for non-donating accounts is 2, not including screen.

DDoS, Spam, Virus and Malware distribution, Flooding, etc WILL NOT be tolerated and will result in instant termination.

Multiple accounts are not allowed, and non-donating account holders may not share their login credentials with anyone else. Multiple logons to the same account are acceptable within reason, and sessions may be terminated at any time for any reason, without forewarning.

IRCd processes are not permitted, and will result in a termination of your account

Primary support is provided through the forums on this site. For server issues, support can be found on IRC in #yunix on irc.freenode.net, remember this is only for server issues.

Inactive accounts belonging to non-donators will be terminated. Accounts with no SSH login for 30 days will be deleted from the system, regardless of the content within.

Personal web pages will be served via http://<server>/~<user>/, and any sites found to be distributing illegal material or generating high-volumes of traffic will be shut down.