Need Help

i'm sorry if i making wrong
i tried to install znc but why can't connect to irc??
* Connect retry #22 (2012)
* Unable to connect to server (No Route to Host)
thx before

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Port 2012 is not open in iptables, which is probably the issue, unless you're using ssh tunneling.

Port range 25000-30000 is open, are you able to configure znc to listen on one of those ports?

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yes i will use port 25000

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it's running
thx for helping me

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You're welcome

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Hi I'm not more able to login today....
Maybe my account is bòlocked for some reason.
I've done several attempt to connect wit scp without success last lime.
Is the problem related to those attempts?
Thanks, Vittorio

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There's no account lockouts, but after a series of failed login attempts (in a given 10 minute period) the server will block your IP address for around 24 hours.

[16:17:41 30/08/2012 Thursday] <*status> Attempting to connect to [ 6667] ...
[16:17:42 30/08/2012 Thursday] <*status> Cannot connect to IRC (Cannot assign requested address (Is your IRC server's host name valid?)). Retrying...

Whats the problem ? I can't connect to IRC from znc with that message. Irc server adress is valid.

// problem is fixed

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Sorry, I've got exactly no idea what may have been the problem.

Next time, perhaps try looking up and see if that resolves. It could've easily been the DNS servers for at fault.

Hi, I can no longer access to my account, it prompts me the SSH password request even if I had set up SSH key pair.
This behaviour has started roughly a week ago, after the DDoS episode.
The password that I thought to remeber doesn't work.
Possibly I can provide you the public SSH key.

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Explain why what you were doing was not illegal, immoral, and / or incredibly stupid?

sorry, I don't think I have done something illegal, immoral and /or stupid..I've just run irssi inside screen session..I don't think this was breaking yunix rules.