The flood of bots be damned!

Well, the number of bots registering on the site in the last week has outnumbered what I consider to be likely humans by around 10 to 1. This is starting to annoy me (growing a zombie userbase does me no favours), so I have implemented a reCAPTCHA on the registration form.

Interestingly enough, I learned today that reCAPTCHA is a service that is used for translating scanned books to text, which I am somewhat impressed with. Despite being a Google service, I'm somewhat happy for them to benefit from this and no doubt grab some more of my statistical information in the process.

I think I'd love to work at Google one day, but I don't think they have any positions going for lazy half assed IRC bludgers, and the amount of knowledge they can piece together about individuals would probably scare me off the internet completely.

Anyhow, let round #2 begin. If you have problems with the reCAPTCHA, look for the #yunix channel on and tell me about it!