Listening port range for psybnc?

!st ty for ncurses dev menuconfig works now. When starting psybnc iI get cannot create listening port. I read in forum to use 25000 to 30000 and have tried several of these. Help would be greatly appreciated, ty.

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Does psybnc throw an error, or can you simply not connect?

Port 25000-30000 is definitely the correct range to configure the listener within.

cannot create listening port is the error i get when i start psybnc

Works now ty

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yeah..and now i lost port 30000 for my psybnc. damn

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Looks completely fine to me (now), but if people are going to have petty arguments over stupid port numbers like "30000" then I'll just block it altogether...

See how you go.

I apologize if I caused some1 a problem. Will try not to again.

I know it's a strange request, but is it possible to put another sshd in port 443 ?

i cannot run my psybnc? how? i already use 25000...and also this command ./psybnc but still there is an error
./psybnc: No such file or directory

what is the exact command?

please help me..

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Perhaps you need to change directory into where you've compiled psybnc?

cd psybnc