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I would like to suggest a vouching system, instead of asking for the code in the #yunix irc channel. there should be a bot, that would have the days, code, randomly generated, or whatever, then the new shell user, would have to talk to people, and their should be a minimum time of waiting say like 24hrs or something before one can ask for the code, then when that time is over, one of the people with +v i.e a shell owner, can give the command to the bot, so that the bot gives the code, to the user, and after that, the code is changed.

any suggestion is welcome.



Where have all the Phoenix gone --

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Do you have such a system/bot that can do all of this?

I'm not saying it's not a valid idea or suggestion, but I'm not going to suggest I have the skillset required to develop/write a bot that can do all of that, in the approximate zero free time I have...

I'll try to make a bot this weekend using eggdrop. Will send updates.