R.I.P. us.yunix.net

So two things have happened in the last month that I did not realise.

Firstly, I didn't notice the fact that my hosting provider for us.yunix.net hadn't been sending me invoices - they've been generating them, but just not telling me about them. I half assume this was an oversight on their part as much as mine, but in February they must have realised this, and shut down the host without warning.

Secondly, I did get an invoice for another host which looks after DNS for yunix.net. Because real life has been a little busy of late, I missed those emails and that host did also delete the VM without ensuring that I was aware of imminent termination. Coupled with a previous server rebuild where I must have forgotten to reconfigure my secondary DNS server and replication, this left yunix.net with no working DNS servers so the site went dark.

The second issue became apparent to me, I paid the bill, but because they had already deleted the server I had to start from scratch. It actually wasn't until after I had done this, that I realised the shell host was also gone, so in the space of a couple of weeks, nearly everything was wiped out.

Sorry folks, but yunix has not received any donations in a long time, so if you had a shell and lost data, I do not have any sympathy for that reason.

If someone has the knowledge and ability (and most importantly time) to link Blesta or a free/open source billing system to a shell host, then I would be willing to re-open yunix to anyone willing to pay a very small amount on a regular basis. Like, somewhere in the region of $1 per month, maybe $10 per year. If you can go without a couple of cups of coffee type amount.