Website back to normal

Thanks to everyone for being patient whilst I sorted out the issues with the website.

Everything should be back online now and working fine. Coincidentally, I have also received an update from the hosting provider for the website saying that their network has been subjected to an increased number of DDoS attacks over the past few weeks, and that they are implelmenting measures to deal with this traffic before it hits their network. So if you notice the website is slow or non-responsive, bear in mind that this might be the cause.

For what it's worth, the shell host is located elsewhere and has remained unaffected. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

If you notice anything missing from the website, please do feel free to let me know. Once you've registered you can post in the forums, or for server/website issues you can find me on IRC. If you've already gotten an account, and would like a package installed on the shell host, you'll need to post in the Desired Features/Packages thread.