Was wondering if the 'whois' command could be enabled/installed using it for a freelance project, would be greatly appreciated.

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Sure, I've installed whois for you.

Thanks alot, appreciate that, I had another question, any chance you offer mysql or postrgesql? I noticed the extensions were missing in php and its not on the machine at all, so I've had to save and pull data from plaintext files for web apps.

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I'm somewhat hesitant to run a database engine on the shell server due to resource requirements (RAM, Disk I/O, etc).

I'm looking into moving the yunix.net website to another server in the same datacentre as the shell host, if that goes through then it will run PostgreSQL and I'll be happy to give users access to their own database.

sqlite3 seems to be installed - can/may we make use of that? (for php/web)?

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I don't see why not. Of course I have no idea what if any (php) modules exist for it.

from phpinfo() it looks like sqlite is not enabled/disabled in the "/configure", so I guess its flat-files for now.