The future just became more uncertain...

A message to the person who seems to have spent a significant amount of time clicking the ads on the website (continuously): You can consider yourself responsible if has to shut down.

This morning, I received an email saying my adsense account has been disabled due to illegal activity. It turns out that some moron spent a butt load of time clicking up almost $50 of click revenue for Of course in doing so, said user has clearly violated the adsense terms and conditions on my behalf, and as such it now looks like 100% of the revenue for yunix may possibly be forfeited.

So, thankyou, whomever you are. I've lodged an appeal, but if the account is not enabled again, I will be left with one less potential way to help yunix break even, and therefore one less reason to keep the site open.

And I'll reiterate, there have been exactly zero donations to this point. That equates to a 100% loss which I cannot afford to sustain indefinitely.

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